New Delhi Attack: Mossad Mujahideen or Iranian Agents?…………


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A week after the terror attack in New Delhi, which seriously wounded Tal Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of an Israeli diplomat, the Indian government is still trying to brush over the accumulating evidence that the attack was part of a wider Iranian effort to orchestrate multiple attacks on Israeli targets in different countries. To date, no Indian official has referred to Iran’s involvement. Sources in New Delhi explain that the government is concerned that its close relationships with both Israel and Iran are becoming incompatible……….

The Israeli media propaganda claims “accumulating evidence” of Iranian involvement. There is no such accumulating evidence, mostly speculation. Meanwhile the Israelis “brag’ about their role in terrorist killings of civilians on the streets of Tehran.
The Indians and Thais have not pointed the finger yet. If there are any Iranians involved, they are as likely to be Mujahideen Khalq agents of the Israeli Mossad as being agents of the Iranian regime. It is the Indians and Thais who are investigating the incident, yet Israeli and Western media have already decided what that evidence is.
Either one can be responsible, but I am betting on the MEK and the Mossad as the most likely culprits. Helping the Mossad may be the price for getting the MEK Mujahideen off the U.S. terrorist list.