James Woolsey, a Muslim Adolf Hitler, and Bombing Bill Clinton……….

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The United States should consider military strikes against not just Iran’s nuclear sites but the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard infrastructure, argued former CIA director James Woolsey in a radio interview today. Comparing the Guards to Adolph Hitler’s blackshirts, Woolsey named several “fair game” Guard-related targets, including Iran’s space program, ballistic missile program, training facilities and the Guard’s substantial commercial interesta………. The ex-CIA director said the U.S. should consider these military options if Iran blocks the strategic Strait of Hormuz waterway or takes other significant aggressive action…………..

I know
someone is not worth taking seriously when they start comparing others to “Adolf Hitler” and his murderous groups.
It is perceived as an easy and cheap way to make a point, except that it doesn’t. Idiotic and dishonest politicians use it a lot. They always compare some Arab or Muslim to Hitler, never a European (not even a fucking German or Austrian), never even an Asian or African. One has to be a Muslim Middle East leader to be compared to Hitler. Now, how stupid is that?

Mr. Woolsey has been advocating a new Middle East war ever since he started showing up on Fox News a few years ago, even at the peak of the war in Iraq. He never volunteers to join, though: they never do, these fattened and comfortable warmongers.
James Woolsey was director of the CIA under Bill Clinton, but briefly. Apparently Clinton was not impressed with Woolsey and stopped seeing him (or maybe he was too boring, probably both). Media reports said (alleged) that he tried desperately to make appointments with the president and that Clinton just refused to see him. There is a famous case in 1994 of a lone pilot who circled the White House and crash landed his airplane on its South Lawn. Some media reports initially claimed it was CIA chief James Woolsey, desperately trying to see Bill Clinton who still refused to grant him an audience.