Iranian Illusions and an Alleged American Spy………..

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U.S. sought to prevent Iran from being a model in Mideast……. “The U.S. intended to bankrupt Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) through gaining control over Iraq’s oil wells and to do something so that oil would be traded only in dollars and that the U.S. power would be greater than that of China and Russia. One of the reasons behind the U.S. military presence in Iraq was to have presence in the Middle East and to infiltrate Muslim people through infiltrating into Islamic groups and cause deviation (in them). Another objective of the U.S. was to keep a rein on the Middle East(ern) (countries), including Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, and even Tunisia to prevent the Islamic Republic from becoming a model for these countries…….……

The part about “U.S. sought to prevent Iran from being a model in Mideast” makes little sense to me. The Iranian ruling mullahs often did their best to keep their country from becoming a model theocracy for the region. There was no need to the Americans to do much, even though they probably did what they could. The repressive policies of the Iranian regime itself and the fierce sectarian campaign by the vast Saudi propaganda machine together did an excellent job in repelling many Arabs from wanting an Iranian model regime.
Much of what this young man said in his ‘confession’ fits in with the usual Iranian media claims and propaganda. It sounds suspicious to me, whether this man was an American spy or no
t. It sounds almost as suspicious as some ridiculous American claims of an Iranian- al Qaeda- Hezbollah-Colombian-Mexican-Texan-West African plot to take over the Middle East then the whole wide world.