Funny GCC Confederation : a Salafi Fifth Column, Princes Playing Saddam……..

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King Abdullah said on Monday the security of Saudi Arabia and its Arab neighbors was being targeted, in an apparent reference to regional rival Iran, and he called for Gulf Arab states to close ranks in a “single entity.” “No doubt you all know that we are targeted in our safety and security. That is why we have to take responsibility,” he said, addressing the opening session of a meeting of the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the Saudi capital Riyadh………… A Saudi official confirmed to Reuters that the idea of moving the six-nation GCC towards a sort of confederacy had been discussed given its concerns about the regional situation, but only informally, and said that it was an idea for the future. “It is possible,” said Jamal Khashoggi, a former Saudi newspaper editor with strong connections to the royal family. “Each country has a different system and it would require political will,” he added, suggesting that a possible model was the United Arab Emirates, a GCC member and confederacy where seven sheikhdoms maintain their own internal political systems but have a joint foreign and economic policy……….

Saudi fifth columnists in some of the Gulf media, especially the Salafis and some of the local Ikhwan, have been calling for a confederation of the GCC for some time. They mean a Saudi takeover of the smaller Gulf states. Something Saddam wanted to do even before 1990. The parts of the Arabian Peninsula that old King Ibn Saud could not conquer in the last century for fear of the British are now being tempted by his weaker corrupt sons; tempted with fear of some “Iranian threat”. The Saudis already have Bahrain in their grasp. As soon as the Saudi king’s usually garbled speech came out, the Salafi fifth column in my hometown were out supporting it in statements.
It will not work, of course. Other rulers don’t want to give up their power to the fellow kelptocrats of the al-Saud princes (the al-Khalifa of Bahrain may be the only exception). The peoples of the other countries certainly don’t want to be ruled by these decrepit regressive princes or their Wahhabi palace shaikhs. With the exception of the Salafis who often act as Saudi agents and some of the local Ikhwan Muslim Brothers.
Ain’t gonna happen. The Kingdom without Magic is not exactly France or Germany or Holland. Its neighbors realize, silently, that its rulers are probably more dangerous than the Iranian mullahs are supposed to be.