Libyan Jamahiriya and the West: Democracy, WMD, and Virginity………

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Back in May 2006, when the West (USA) and the Great Libyan Socialist Jamahiriya were becoming fast friends. Americans were asked a question:
“Libya says it will work with the United States to spread democracy. What do you think?…..”

The answers were “interesting” if not necessarily brilliant:

  • “If we really want Libya to help spread democracy, we’d better give them their (WMD) weapons back.

  • Libya might seem like an unlikely partner, but, given our current international standing, every partner is an unlikely partner.

  • A favorite: “The same thing happened with my boyfriend and me, sort of. As soon as I agreed to give up my virginity, he agreed to remove me from his personal list of state-sponsors of terrorism.

Warning: people in certain places in our region may find this posting offensive. In fact they may not find it even humorous. This includes people in: Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Central Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, among other places.