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An Independent Free-Thinker Wins the Greatest Prize on the Nile……


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Dr. Omar Hashim is a member of the Commission of Senior Ulema (Ulema could mean clerics or even scientists: as in chemistry, physics, biology, mumbojumbo, etc). He has recently received the biggest prize in Egypt in terms of professional esteem and money, the Nile Prize (formerly the Mubarak Prize, no doubt soon to be the Sisi Prize). Dr. Omar Hashim said that his heart is “dripping” sadness and pain because of the divisions in the nation (of Egypt).
He was quickly asked by the correspondent the question du jour from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the Persian Gulf: “Do you fear the danger of the spread of Sh’ism (Shi’a faith) in Egypt?” He rose to the occasion as expected, no doubt knowing what is expected of any ‘independent free-thinking’ Egyptian cleric (or scientist), and answered quickly, almost too quickly: “No doubt I fear it. When Al Azhar was established in Egypt the Fatimid Dynasty meant for it to be a Shi’a college , a place that would teach the Shi’a faith. But God meant from the beginning that Al Al Azhar would not be a Shi’a, but for the Sunna people”.

God bless all independent free thinkers of the Arab world who when they strictly follow the official line, it is strictly coincidental, (even when they lie to do it by coincidence). Truly.

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum