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Lawlessness in Bahrain: Formula One East of the Pecos………….


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Bernie Ecclestone denied all knowledge of protests and violence in Bahrain, as a 15-year-old boy lay in intensive care after being shot by anti-riot police. The bullish Ecclestone, the commercial rights holder for Formula One, also denied all knowledge of anyone being shot by police. “Nobody has been shot,” he said. “What are you talking about?” He then swore and stormed of…………

Armed gangs and foreign militias are wreaking havoc in the country, attacking people, assaulting, stealing, destroying, breaking. Neither the law nor regime institutions seem to control them….”
No, this is not the Congo (either one) or Timbuktu or parts of Syria. It is not Dodge City or some wild town West of the Pecos, or New Orleans after Katrina. This last quote was a tweet by the head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR). This is Bahrain they are talking about, occupied Bahrain, its people terrorized by regime goons, foreign mercenaries, and Saudi (& Emirati) invasion forces. Bahrain on the eve of the Formula One Grand Prix event.


Seriously, no Phallic Pun: Iranian Zob Eliminates Saudi al-Nassr……

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Iran’s Zob Ahan eliminated Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia and advanced to the Asian Champions League quarterfinals on Wednesday. The Isfahan based team beat Al-Nassr 4-1 at the Fooladshahr Stadium. Mohammed Ghazi put the lead Zob Ahan in the first minute of the match.
A brace from Brazilian Igor Castro in the 5th and 63rd minutes poured cold water on Al-Nassr’s hopes. Bader Al-Mutawa from Saudi Arabian team pulled a goal back in the 67th minute but Zob Ahan wrapped up the victory with Shahin Kheiri’s long-range shot in the 74th minute. Hussein Abdulghani from Al-Nassr was sent off in the 89th minute after receiving his second yellow card…………..Mehr News

Noooo comment. Except to say that “Zob” means penis in Arabic. Now I know why Saudi media only said the al-Nassr lost but declined to mention the victor, Zob.
Okay I won’t resist this: apparently the Iranian Zob was a well-oiled sports machine and managed to penetrate the Saudi goal area deeply. The Saudi team was shafted, you might say, if you were crude.