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From Paris: Regime Change Calls by Arab Princes and American Lobbyists and Paid US Politicians…….

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Mujahideen Khalq, MKO, MEK is an Iranian organization with a long history of switching sides and shifting alliances.
During the rule of the Shah of Iran, the MEK/MKO were a radical group that targeted Americans.
They were part of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, and had a role in the storming of the American Embassy in November of that year and the taking of American hostages.

In the early 1980s they broke with the ruling theocratic clerics (under Khomeini) and their leadership left Iran, but some remained and waged a guerilla-style war against the mullahs. A large number of them moved to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq next door, where they switched sides and served him faithfully in the war against their own country, Iran, as well as against the Kurdish rebels. That was fine by the Arab oil kings and potentates: at that time they also financed Saddam’s wars.
As soon as Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990, the MEK/MKO became pariahs along both sides of the Persian Gulf. During the Desert Storm and its aftermath, they were reportedly helpful in crushing rebellions against the Baath rule in southern Iraq.

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Western powers, with strong Arab help, the MEK/MKO moved to a huge camp outside Baghdad. When the Iraqi elections brought a Shi’a-Kurdish-dominated government, the MEK/MKO found new sponsors and financiers: Arab kings and princes, mainly Saudis. They also were eventually, and painstakingly, forced to move out of Iraq.

Ever since, the organization has moved even closer to the Al Saud rulers, eventually they also got close to the Israeli Mossad. The Iranian regime often accuses MEK/MKO agents of committing violent acts overseas for which the regime gets blamed. Eventually Hillary Clinton and various Republican and Democrat politicians in the USA helped take the Mujahideen off the US government terrorist list a few years ago.

Since then, the organization has suddenly become rich and generous with money towards American politicians. It can afford lobbyists in Washington, and it can buy former and current American politicians. Its leaders for life, the Rajavi couple, live in the Paris area. They hold occasional huge conferences called “Iran Liberation” conference. The emphasis at these “conferences” is on photo-ops with famous American politicians, current and former. And they pay well for these photo-ops. The list of famous Americans who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, allegedly for “speaking” but really for showing up includes: Newt Gingrich, his wife Callista (a new face at this year’s conference), Rudy Giuliani, General Wesley Clark, Bill Richardson, Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman, John Bolton…… Among many others (just wait until Trump leaves office).
They all probably know that this organization has little if any support or credibility inside Iran, that its siding with Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime was probably an unforgivable act. So, it is a waste of American time and money to emphasis it. But the money received is too good for them to resist.

Speaking of the money: a has-been Saudi prince (Turki Al Faisal Al Saud) now attends every conference of this organization, no doubt assuming that this bestows some Neocon-type “legitimacy” on it among American officials. Of course the reaction to the use of this un-elected absolute Saudi prince inside Iran is obvious. Even the lousy self-styled Palestinian leader, the Mayor of Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) attended the previous conference.

The self-delusion about Iran and the Middle East during and after these conferences is breath-taking. They actually seriously talk about “regime” change in Iran, meaning outside action to change the regime. It almost matches the self-delusion inside the US Congress (both houses, both parties) on the same topic.
They all must know it is pure nonsense, but the again money is too good for all participants, and the futile message sounds good to many extreme right-wing US media outlets. Besides, the Israeli Lobby and the newly influential Saudi lobby and the sources of oil money in Washington like it.


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Photo Epiphany: Ahmadinejad as a Mossad Mole?………….


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What looks like Saddam Hussein supporters demonstrate in New York City against the visit of Iran’s Ahmadinejad to the UN. See all the photos of a grinning leader-for-life, Saddam with the regulation thick black dyed Baathist mustache these MEK fans are carrying?
They are protesting that he, Ahmadinejad, will leave office next July and they won’t have him to kick around anymore. Between next July and Next September when the UN general Assembly meets, they’ll have to hope for the new president of Iran to be at least as loud and outrageous as Ahmadinejad.
Otherwise they’ll have to protest against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, something that doesn’t exactly excite American media or public (or maybe even AIPAC for that matter). Khamenei hardly makes public pronouncements, and is not likely to want to allow the likes of Piers Morgan to question him about whatever titillates the American and British public.
I am beginning to suspect that if it were not for Ahmadinejad and his antics and loud mouth, the United States would have never removed the Mujahideen Khalq (MEK, MKO, WTF) from the terrorist list. No matter how much money they paid politicians of both Democrat and Republican parties. Which makes me suspect something really sinister, something I had never suspected before today.

Call it my epiphany: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may well be an MEK (or MKO or WTF) mole (aka agent, aka sleeper) in the heart of the Iranian government! Which also makes Ahmadinejad, by association an Israeli mole or agent in the heart of the Iranian government, since MEK is practically an arm of Mossad. All allegedly of course. Now that Saddam is dead (he was on trial when Mahmoud was elected in 2005).


James Woolsey, a Muslim Adolf Hitler, and Bombing Bill Clinton……….

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The United States should consider military strikes against not just Iran’s nuclear sites but the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard infrastructure, argued former CIA director James Woolsey in a radio interview today. Comparing the Guards to Adolph Hitler’s blackshirts, Woolsey named several “fair game” Guard-related targets, including Iran’s space program, ballistic missile program, training facilities and the Guard’s substantial commercial interesta………. The ex-CIA director said the U.S. should consider these military options if Iran blocks the strategic Strait of Hormuz waterway or takes other significant aggressive action…………..

I know
someone is not worth taking seriously when they start comparing others to “Adolf Hitler” and his murderous groups.
It is perceived as an easy and cheap way to make a point, except that it doesn’t. Idiotic and dishonest politicians use it a lot. They always compare some Arab or Muslim to Hitler, never a European (not even a fucking German or Austrian), never even an Asian or African. One has to be a Muslim Middle East leader to be compared to Hitler. Now, how stupid is that?

Mr. Woolsey has been advocating a new Middle East war ever since he started showing up on Fox News a few years ago, even at the peak of the war in Iraq. He never volunteers to join, though: they never do, these fattened and comfortable warmongers.
James Woolsey was director of the CIA under Bill Clinton, but briefly. Apparently Clinton was not impressed with Woolsey and stopped seeing him (or maybe he was too boring, probably both). Media reports said (alleged) that he tried desperately to make appointments with the president and that Clinton just refused to see him. There is a famous case in 1994 of a lone pilot who circled the White House and crash landed his airplane on its South Lawn. Some media reports initially claimed it was CIA chief James Woolsey, desperately trying to see Bill Clinton who still refused to grant him an audience.


The Other Iran War: MEK, Mossad, Western Intelligence…….

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Ynet raises the possibility that it was a deliberate act of sabotage on not just a missile base, but an intelligence facility. Teheran Bureau says the IRG is telling the Iranian media that the incident was not an act of terror, but purely an industrial accident. An Iranian who worked at the base for several months and was interviewed by Iranian media discounted the likelihood of an act of sabotage since security at the base was extremely strict. However, an Israeli source with extensive senior political and military experience provides an exclusive report that it was the work of the Mossad in collaboration with the MEK. Israeli media is humming with similar reports and Channel 10′s intelligence correspondent went so far as to say, a bit coyly perhaps: If it was the work of western intelligence it was a high successful and impressive achievement. It is widely known within intelligence circles that the Israelis use the MEK for varied acts of espionage and terror ranging from fraudulent Iranian memos alleging work on nuclear trigger devices to assassinations of nuclear scientists and bombings of sensitive military installations……….

MEK has a history of siding with anyone who is against the Iranian regime (since 1981). In the process, it has also sided with some who are enemies of the Iranian people. Siding with Saddam Hussein and the Ba’ath Party during the 1980-88 war is one example. Siding with Saddam during the Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm 1990-91) is another example. There have been reports that they participated in the suppression of rebellious Iraqis in the south after Desert Storm in the Spring of 1991.
Mujahideen Khalq, still on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations, has deep pockets and pays generously to top former and current American officials to speak at its conferences in France and other places. Among them has been Rudy Giuliani, Bill Richardson, Ed Randell, James Woolsey (briefly CIA director under Clinton). It is not clear where the money comes from, but I strongly suspect it originates from “somewhere” on the shores of my Gulf. These days the MEK are popular with many Gulf potentates (and their media) who were their friends during the 1980s before they became their enemies during the 1990s, only to become their friends again after the first Iraqi elections of 2005.
I am not sure how much support it has inside Iran, but my educated guess is that it has little popular support. It has degenerated into a marginal cult group over the past three decades. But if this report is true, it must have enough operatives inside Iran to help the Israeli and Western acts of sabotage and assassination against Iranian targets and scientists. Yet these “incidents” are sporadic and not effective for the goals of either regime change or derailing the nuclear program.


Duqu Hits Iran: Virus Du Jour beats a Shooting War……….

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Iran has developed a software program that can “control” the newly discovered Duqu spyware, the director of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization has announced. “The software, capable of controlling this virus (Duqu), has been provided to organizations and institutions,” IRNA quoted Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali as saying on Sunday. Duqu, discovered on September 1, 2011, is a sophisticated Trojan which acts as a backdoor into a system and facilitates the theft of private intelligence. Security software manufacturer Symantec says parts of the Duqu code base are nearly identical to the infamous Stuxnet worm, “but with a completely different purpose.” The Duqu malware has reportedly infected a number of systems in Iran. “All of the centers and apparatuses suspected of being infected with the virus are under control,” Jalali said, adding that countering and cleansing processes have been carried out at the infected institutions. Stuxnet, first indentified by Iranian officials in June 2010, is a malware designed to infect computers using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems made by the German company Siemens …………..”

This Duqu in a new one. Duqu, Stuxnet, Stars, WTF, why not? Let them come: that is a clean war, better than the bloody alternative that some regional absolute potentates are hoping to goad the West into. Anything beats a shooting destructive war, or a war of terror street assassinations that kills civilians, or any war on behalf of absolute kleptocratic tribal princes.