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Saudi Plans for a Democratic Future in Egypt………..

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Realistically and constitutionally, a caretaker government does not have the right to formulate a new strategic policy that reverses the policy of the previous government. Political wisdom requires not adopting a policy……. In theory, and perhaps also in practice, there is a certain logic for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to adopt a long-term strategy towards Egypt, one aimed first at saving it from regression and perhaps deterioration during the transitional period; and secondly, enabling it to turn into a free market economy in a democratic environment……..

What kind of illogical logic is this? What kind of a constitutional expertise is this? The writer Raghida Dergham works for al-Hayat, the newspaper that is owned by Prince Khaled Bin Sultan al-Saud. That explains it all. And as for the absolute tribal serial-polygamous monarchs of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi guiding the new Egypt toward democracy, are you serious, I mean are you beeping serious? Then why can’t they establish democracy in the Arabian Peninsula (aka Saudi Arabia) or Qatar or the UAE? And why are they trying to kill the democracy movement in Bahrain (with cooperation from Mr. Obama and Mrs, Clinton)?

Pictorial Orwellian Bahrain: Watermelon King, Wahhabi Masters……….

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His Majesty King Hamad Bin Issa al-Khalifa, (المفدى) for whom we would give our lives, expressed his happiness for the recovery of Bahrain and the return of life back to what it used to be. His majesty this would not have happened without the love of the ‘men’ of Bahrain and her sons of their ‘values’ and the teachings of their religion, adding that the future of Bahrain shall be blessful for everyone no doubt. All goodness comes from the unity of the people of Bahrain which is deep within their hearts……. All this occurred with the presence of his royal highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman al-Khalifa the prime minister……….Akhbar al-Khaleej

Their majesties must be out of their bigoted tribal polygamous heads. This guy is talking as if he is still the leader of an independent country, not a Saudi satrap. As if he is not head of a regime that is opposed by most of the people, that had to import mercenaries and foreign Wahhabi troops to put down protests. A truly watermelon state,  ديرة بطيخ as we say on my Gulf. And who would give their lives for this sorry excuse of a leader? The paid mercenaries imported from Pakistan and other parts?

Martyr                        Mercenaries             Murder                       
“Nabeelrajab. Bahrain hunger strikes spread amid crackdown at home and abroad via @guardian #bahrain #bhn #feb14 #humanrights”

“Ppl of #bahrain are planning the biggest hunger strike starting tomorrow the 18th acc to this: #feb14”

“@Nabeelrajab: video:the ruins of Al-Sadiq Mosque April 17, In Salmabad / #Bahrain”
“Zainab Khawaja hospitalized on Sunday #Bahrain Activist on hunger strike.”

“I am in hunger strike asking freedom to all arrested people &to #Bahrain #KAS army must go out they are not welcome! #14FebRevolution #14Feb”

“Starting 2morrow the ppl of #Bahrain hold the ‘biggest open hunger strike in the world’ via @AmberLyon”

“Photo: He was writing condolences for others, just before he was killed…..RIP

“Mhamaad: Ministry of Health: 30 Doctors/nurses stopped from job and going through investigations and the num will increase #bahrain #feb14”

“SAIDYOUSIF S.YOUSIF MOHAMED: by ArabiaDeserta: #Bahrain Funeral of hasan jassim now who died under torture تشييع الشهيد جاسم حسن من كرزكان الان الذي قتل بالتعذيب….. RIP

“WavesNews Waves News: Security forces, supported by Saudi troops, attack a (Shi’a) M’aatam in Manama, destroy it, and write derogatory sectarian racist slogans on its walls” />