One Sector Where Jobs are Growing Fast in the Arabian Peninsula……….

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“Saudi Arabia is advertising for eight new executioners, in a recruitment drive which leading human rights charity Amnesty International has warned is symptomatic of an “unprecedented spike” of judicial killings in the country. An advert for the position, posted on the country’s civil service jobs website, states that no specific qualifications are required for the brutal role which involves “executing a judgement of death” and performing amputations on those convicted of less serious crimes. The application form describes the executioners as “religious functionaries” and says that recruits would be at the lower end of the civil service pay scale…………..”

Saudi Arabia has a high unemployment rate among its 15-16 million citizens, even as it imports about 9 million foreign laborers and other employees. Joblessness among the young citizens (those in their twenties to early thirties) is reportedly fixed for several years now at near 30%. Of course, joblessness among the princes is almost 100% but that is not a problem.

But new reforms instituted by the new king have created new job opportunities for ambitious young Saudis in a unique sector of the economy. Apparently there is one sector where jobs are begging to be filled. Jobs for executioners (swordsmen, head-choppers and crucifiers) and hand choppers are opening fast under the new King Salman. Apparently there are about 8 ranks or levels of such jobs.

P.S: not everybody can apply for these jobs. Shi’as, Safawis, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Vegans, Agnostics, Muslim Brothers, and Zoroastrians (called Majousi or Magi by Wahhabis) need not apply.


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