War on Yemen: Hadi from His Peanut Gallery Exile……….

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Former President General AbdRabuh Mansour Hadi of Yemen and his foreign minister are ensconced in luxurious quarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From whence they have called and urged a violent foreign bombing campaign against their country and their people. Having seen their opponents, the Houth-Saleh alliance, continue to gain ground in spite of intense Saudi bombardment, they are now urging a full foreign invasion of their country. In order to return them to power. But I have already issued a final fatwa that Hadi will not return to rule in Sanaa no matter who “wins” this complex war.

So, why isn’t “General” Hadi, the escaped former president, the escaped military general, in Aden now leading the fight he is urging everyone else in Yemen to wage? Why is he not leading the fight against the Houthi-Saleh alliance. And maybe against Al Qaeda (AQAP) and maybe ISIS and even the Southern Independence Movement (Hirak)? And maybe expose himself to the same foreign Western-Saudi bombs his people face every day?
Instead of joining the faraway media peanut gallery in Riyadh? Confining himself to urging others to fight and expose their families to catcalling from far away, like us “peaceful” bloggers and tweeps?

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