Yemen War: Rich Men’s Bombs, Poor Men’s Blood…..

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Some interesting points about this Rich Man-Poor Man alliance attacking Yemen these days:

  • Rich Men: As some on social media have noted, it is led by the richest anti-democratic ruling Arab oligarchies. With support and ‘unspecified but essential’ help from the Obama administration. It has hired some of the poorer Arab countries (Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Jordan, Morocco) and Muslim countries (Pakistan) to provide help, possibly cannon fodder if they are forced to engage in a ground war.
  • Poor Men: All this power, the most expensive weapons that petro-money can buy from the Western democracies, mobilized in this attack. To attack one of the poorest Arab countries, in fact the poorest Arab country outside Africa.
  • Command Center:The Houthis were quick to note that the war was declared in Washington, by the Saudi ambassador (who was ignored by most American media). They claim this means the war is managed by Americans. Otherwise, why not declare it publicly in Riyadh?
  • Land Issues: The Houthis, and other Yemenis, have started to discuss the ‘ northern regions’ which are under Saudi control.  Names like Assir, Najran, Jizan come to mind. Those were all regions of northern Yemen that were occupied and annexed by the Saudis in the 20th century. They now say that these regions should be “discussed”. Most of the populations of these regions are Zaidis, of the same sect as the Houthis.
  • Alliances: Still, it not not clear what the Houthi’s goals are either. It is true, they are now allied with their former enemy, wily dictator Al Abdallah Salih. But the Saudis and Qataris, great democrats that they are, are allied with the butcher of Sudan, a man wanted by the ICC. And the dictator of Egypt, who should be wanted by the ICC.

So, the plot thickens, as this bombing attack on Yemen drags on………

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