Nuclear Mujahideen Khalq: Bequeathed by Saddam to the Mossad?……..

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“On Tuesday, Feb. 24, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the political front for the “cult-like dissident group” known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), revealed the location of what they claimed was an underground centrifuge facility in the suburbs of Tehran. The announcement was, evidently, intended to derail ongoing negotiations toward a diplomatic settlement over Tehran’s nuclear programs. The State Department spokesperson stated, “Well, we don’t have any information at this time to support the conclusion of the report.”………….”

It is like a secretive cult or sect that has its own Supreme Leaders, the Rajavi couple. The leadership of the movement moved to Paris in the early 1980s after the mullahs tightened their grip on power in Iran and started cracking down on their revolutionary partners. But the rank and file were soon gathered in camps in Iraq. They served Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War and Desert Storm and afterwards. 

After Saddam’s defeat they were apparently inherited by the Israeli Mossad, who probably recommended them to other friends. I suspect they are helpful when Iranian handprints are needed to implicate the mullahs overseas, usually when things are slow and the headlines are dormant (in Asia and other places). They are widely and credibly believed to have helped murder Iranian scientists and academics in Tehran (that would be called terrorism if the killings were in the West). They also help create fake nuclear ‘facts’ when needed, with maps and other tools.

Often they serve by creating false headlines by making false claims about the Iranian nuclear program, like secret sites. Networks like Fox and a couple of Arab (Saudi) outlets usually spread them. By the time it is realized that the claims were meaningless or unsubstantiated, it is too late and the headlines have traveled all around the world. Cute tactic but every little bit helps, no?

No wonder the Mossad leadership (even the IDF) often refute Netanyahu’s nuclear claims. Possibly they know quite well where some of the “proofs” of these claims came from and why.

The group have also learned what fuels the politics here. They pay huge sums of money for prominent American politicians, current and former pols and of both parties, to make meaningless speeches at their gatherings in Europe, usually Paris. Probably not bribes, not technically, but maybe tips. How else did they gather so much support to get lifted off the ‘terrorist group’ list?

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