Erdogan Torn Between ISIS and the Kurds………..

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“Recalling the deaths of thousands of men and boys at the Bosnian town of Srebrenica nearly two decades ago, the United Nations’ special envoy on Syria pleaded Friday for Turkey to open its border and let Kurdish fighters stream into Syria to help fight off an Islamic State advance on the Kurdish city of Kobani………….”

Mr. Erdogan has been allowing any and all Wahhabi Jihadis from all over the world to enter Syria from his domain in Turkey. Plus allowing passage through Turkey of all the weapons and money they could get from their Saudi and Persian Gulf supporters. He has been an accessory in the terrorists violating Syrian (and Iraqi) sovereignty for years. The least he can do now is allow the Kurds to cross into Syria to help against the ISIS terrorists. That may only partially atone for his collusion (or miscalculation) in the growth and expansion of this bloody Hollywood Caliphate.

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum