A Sporting Fatwa, a Wahhabi Kosher Fatwa………

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Saudi Arabia is in the throes of a profound theological controversy that evolves around sports. Saudi Prince AbulRahman Bin Musa’ed Al Saud is the president of local sports club Al Hilal (many if not all heads are princes because they can deliver the goodies and they like to lord it over lesser beings). The prince had asked his fans and supporters to pray and beseech Allah to grant his club victory in its coming soccer match against an Australian club.
Enter Herr Doctor Shaikh Sa’ad Al Drayhim, apparently some senior cleric, who issued a fatwa that it is not ‘permitted’ or Halal or Kosher to seek divine intervention in soccer games. This has created the controversy. Apparently most Wahhabi clerics would permit seeking divine intervention, provided it is done within the legal Shri’a rules. Meaning? If it is done after getting permission of the Wahhabi clergy.

And these are the people Mr. Obama said he is proud to “stand shoulder to shoulder” with in Iraq and Syria. These are the people who seek to liberate Syria for democracy and freedom and modernity, preferably via a Caliphate.
Mohammed Haider Ghuloum