Fools Names and Fools Faces: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Awards Netanyahu Her Celebrity Nobel Prize………

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“Fools names, like fools faces, are often seen in public places” Not me

During an interview published on Friday by Israel HaYom, the Sheldon Adelson-backed Israeli daily, public intellectual and author Ayan Hirsi Ali claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for waging the ongoing military campaign by the IDF against Hamas militants in Gaza. Asked whom she admired, Ali — who once called Islam a “nihilistic cult of death” — included Netanyahu on a list featuring her husband, Harvard professor Niall Ferguson, as well as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Princeton professor Bernard Lewis. Ali said she admired Netanyahu “[b]ecause he is under so much pressure, from so many sources, and yet he does what is best for the people of Israel, he does his duty.” “I really think he should get the Nobel Peace Prize,” Ali added. “In a fair world he would get it.”……………”

Someone had written on a ‘public place’ I once used: “Fools names, like fools faces, are often seen in public places”.

This lady’s claim to fame now is that she is “a critic of Islam”, as the media often mention. Some call her an “activist“, as in “actively self-serving“. More like an “active celebrity“, an older Kim Kardashian, feted by American media from right and left. Nominating Benyamin Netanyhau for a Nobel Prize was supposed to be another “bold” statement, but it was a slip she probably already regrets.

No more comment needed.

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum