Egypt Rejects Sisi Invention, Signs with Gilead for Hepatitis-C Cure……

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“Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb attended on Tuesday the signing ceremony of the agreement between Egypt’s health ministry and Gilead, the US manufacturer of Sovaldi, which is used to treat the hepatitis C virus. The medicine will be available at 26 national centers for hepatic viruses, where treatment will be at the government’s expense. It will be offered at one percent of its international price, according to the health minister…………..”

It looks like the Egyptian government, appointed by Al Sisi, has decided to buy their Hepatitis-C cure from Gilead. They have rejected the Egyptian Army invention of the double cure for H-C and HIV viruses as develped by Al Sisi and his researchers. I guess this means they can kiss the Nobel Prize goodbye.


Mohammed Haider Ghuloum