Cultural Dichotomy: Destroying Islamic Monuments, Funding Ancient Roman Restoration……


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“A training barracks used by Roman gladiators and the 2,000-year-old mausoleum of the Emperor Augustus could be restored with money from the Saudi royal family, in the latest effort by Italy to secure funding for its crumbling cultural heritage. In a deal brokered by Ignazio Marino, the mayor of Rome, the Saudi royals are to provide millions of euros to pay for the restoration of some of the capital’s neglected monuments. The government in Riyadh has been presented with a dossier of nine historic sites to choose from, with greatest interest said to be in the Emperor Augustus’s mausoleum, a giant, circular structure near the Tiber River that has been virtually abandoned for decades……………” 

No doubt it is a public relations stunt for the benefits of the Europeans. To show that the princes do care about culture and historic monuments. At home, they are doing something quite different, they are doing the exact opposite.
The princes have been eagerly destroying the remnants of early Islamic monuments. From the homes of the Prophet Mohammed and his sahaba (companions) to other famous monuments and graves. As I have often opined here, this has been a result of a combination of Wahhabi hatred of history and royal greed that seeks to expropriate and develop valuable land in central zones of (especially) Mecca and also Madinah. Here are links to some earlier posts which also link to outside sources:

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