Cairo: President Zombie and King Honey Boo Boo Hold a Tiny Summit of sorts………….


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“His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, following meeting with Egyptian President Adli Mahmoud Mansour, delivered a press statement, in which expressed delight in the continuation of the course of relations and coordination between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Egypt that asserts the strength of relations between Egypt and the GCC countries and the issues of common concern, and expressed appreciation for the Egyptian stance and its people towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people………… HM the King underlined Bahrain’s role as President of the current session of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in supporting the solid relations between Egypt and GCC countries to achieve the common goal of Arab countries…………….”

It is fun to read these inane stupid almost-always meaningless communiques that come out after two impotent Arab potentates meet. And there are no Arab leaders who are more impotent than those two, both sidekicks of someone else.
Mr. Adly Mansour bin Zombie Al Mubarak, is the Mubarak-appointed judicial bureaucrat who was appointed interim president by General Al Sisi. He met with the self-promoted King Honey Boo Boo in Cairo in a mini-summit to exchange pleasantries and look important and relevant. Yet they did not fool anyone except their tame and controlled media. Neither one of them is relevant to anything that happens in the wider Arab world or Middle East. Neither is relevant to what happens in their own respective countries that are saddled with them.