Science: Of Testicles and Hearts……………


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“A recent Italian study has concluded that men who have two large testicles are more likely to have heart problems. This is an interesting conclusion because previous studies had tied the large size of testicles to increased fertility. The Daily telegraph reports that tow researchers at University of Florence have found that men with larger testicles are more likely to have high blood pressure and to be overweight…………”

It is logical, the causality is obvious: the bigger the testicles (cojones) the bigger the weight of the man who carries them. I also understand that male athletes who take a lot of Steroids tend to have their testicles shrink, but I suppose that does not mean their hearts are healthier than before. Unless it (the story not the testicle) is just an urban legend. It is also not clear if this conclusion applies to all men or just Italians like Silvio Berlusconi.
I thought my readers might want to know.