Pakistani Saga of Muhib Ullah: Loved by Allah, Hated by Others…………


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“The violence in Quetta started early Thursday when unidentified gunmen killed Muhib Ullah, a junior police official, and wounded his four children as he was on his way to a market. The assailants escaped. Hours later, as the senior leadership of the Quetta police gathered for the funeral at Police Lines, considered to be a relatively secure official neighborhood that houses the lodging and offices of the police force, the suicide bomber evaded security measures and detonated his bomb. The explosion ripped through the funeral service as police officers and relatives scrambled for cover. One of the fatalities included a deputy inspector in charge of field operations, Fayyaz Ahmed Sumbal, who died in the hospital from his wounds. A low level insurgency has simmered in Baluchistan as nationalists have taken up arms against the federal government. The provincial capital has also been hit by sectarian violence as extremist Sunni militants have targeted Hazaras, a minority community belonging to the Shiite sect……………..”

His name, Muhib Ullah is, was, a hopeful sign: it means “Loved by God”. Apparently that love was not enough to save his life, or to save his children from harm. Nor was it enough to allow him a dignified peaceful funeral. In some places, the hatred is strong enough to go against a wishful name, strong enough to defeat the deity, be it called God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever.
Pakistan is one place where Salafi terrorism has taken deep root, where sectarian hatred is the norm in many regions. All courtesy of Wahhabi clerics and their ideology and the petro-money that helped spread it over the past few decades.