Justest Bestest Wildest Court System of the UAE…………….


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“With a just judicial system the UAE’s stature is secure, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, told judges and the justice minister on Monday. At his palace in Al Bateen, Sheikh Mohammed told Dr Hadef Al Dheheri and Abu Dhabi Federal Supreme Court Justices that public attacks could not harm the country with the rule of law. “Despite some malicious voices and stances, no one can harm our stature as long as we have fair, honest and credible judicial institutions,” he said, according to Wam, the state news agency. He added that the country counts on the “independence and neutrality of the members of the judiciary” to enforce verdicts and legal principles……………..”

Yep, in the UAE they have got the best most rootin’-tootin’ system of laws and courts in the whole wide wonderful world. That is why they arrest and torture, allegedly, anyone who criticizes the government and calls for reform. It helps that the courts are nice and legal even as they are impartial to legal niceties. It is the second best court system after the Saudi one.