On King Abdullah Strasse: What is In a Name……………


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“The King Abdullah Sport City Stadium will be completed by the end of this year, said Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al Al-Salem, engineering support supervisor at Saudi Aramco. “More than 8,400 workers are working on the project, clocking around 12 million working hours on construction activity,” he said at a press conference. “They are working day and night to complete the project as per schedule.”……………..”

King Abdullah Sports city is not too far from King Abdullah Avenue (or Avenida el Rey Abdullah). It is within driving distance from King Abdullah Township (or KönigAbdullahStadt). You can even easily get to King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KönigAbdullahHochschule). On the way, you probably pass near King Abdullah Mosque (definitely NOT KönigAbdullahKirche), which is on the edge of King Abdullah Shopping Mall. Across the street you’d pass near King Abdullah Elementary School.
And all that is only in Saudi Arabia: wait till you get to Bahrain.