Ahamadinejad at Sarah Lawrence: Misses NYC and Netanyahu and Missipppi Mud Pie……


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“Building on a decades-long career serving government and academic institutions in his home country, outgoing Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad officially accepted a position at Sarah Lawrence College as the next Dean of Students, officials for the private New York liberal arts school announced today. “It is both an honor and a privilege to welcome Professor Ahmadinejad to the administrative team at Sarah Lawrence, to which he brings a wealth of leadership experience and a deep passion for our undergraduate program,” college president Karen Lawrence said of the right-wing Islamic leader and former engineering professor, who will teach two introductory courses in government as well as oversee the Office of Residence life, the Center for Health and Wellness, and the First Year Experience program. “From his first visit to campus in April, it was clear to everyone that Professor Ahmadinejad is a passionate and student-centered leader who understands our commitment to a highly individualized course of study………….” L’oignon

Dr. Ahamadinejad as overseer of a bunch of freshmen girls. He will miss all the ayatollahs, all the sparring and jousting and thwarting. He will also miss the Big Apple: already waxing nostalgic about his fun-filled annual September visits to New York City. Ahmadinejad would even miss Netantyahu, something even Israelis will not do after he leaves office, if he ever does. Ahmadinejad will miss Netanyahu and his knee-jerk evoking of Hitler every time Ahmadinejads was mentioned. As for Netanyhau, he will miss Ahmadinejad as the premier evil enemy of Israel and America and Western values and humanity and motherhood and Mississippi Mud Pie (one of my favorites). until the reliable US media does its work on demonizing Rouahani.