French Double-Speak: BHL and Sarkozy and Chavez and Dictators………


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“Leaving aside his anti-Semitism and his dictator allies, why would the left celebrate a man who repressed his people and wrecked the economy? It’s an insult to Venezuelans, says Bernard Henri-Lévy…. The death of Hugo Chávez, followed by his elaborate funeral, has unleashed awave of political idiocy, and thus of disinformation, of a magnitude not seen in some time. I will not dwell—because this much is well known—on Chávez the “friend of the people” whose closest allies were bloody-handed dictators: Ahmadinejad, Bashar al-Assad, Fidel Castro, and, formerly, Gaddafi……………”

Also sprach French pop-philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL). ‘Friends of Gaddafi’, says the liberators of Libya and putative liberator of Syria and possibly even Iran and Lebanon.
Only two years ago the friends of Gaddafi were the friends of BHL. Remember Sarkozy and others? As for Chavez being friend of dictators; so is M. Hollande, so was BHL friend Sarkozy. Are the Al Saud and Al Khaifa and Al Nahayan and all the other tribal despots , all friends of France and the various Western governments, democratically-elected leaders? Are the Al Saud, and French leaders, cleaner financially than Castro or Ahmadinejad? Are the Al Saud elected by the people? And this business of confusing anti-Israeli with being anti-Semitic is straight out of the Netanyahu book.