Photographic Back to the Arab Future: Thinkers, Plutocrats, Former Hacks, Seat-Warmers……..


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I refer to my earlier post titled
A Pointless Arab International Conference on the Gulf: Missing Ahmed Shafiq and Adnan Arour:

This is a photo of the participants of the mentioned conference.

Back to the Arab Future…………….

These gentlemen (okay, okay, and lady) are supposed to represent fresh insights into the future of the Arab world. With these folks in charge, it’s got to be a bleak future. I discern the following assorted: thinkers (dunno of what), intellectuals (maybe a stretch), hacks, yes-men, crooks, oligarchs, plutocrats, and mischief-makers:
Ayad Allawi (briefly appointed PM of Iraq, by mistake), Fouad Saniora (cash-and-carry seat warmer for Saad Hariri), Amr Mussa (but no Kussa), Prince Turki al-Faisal, Hanan Ashrawi (Tyrannosaurus Regina). And a few more.
Same old, same old.
Too bad General Ahmed Shafiq and Mo Dahlan are body-guarding the sons of Al-Nahayan in Abu Dhabi. Could have been entertaining.