After Saudi Arabia and UAE: Iran and Lebanon and Iraq and Azerbaijan to Invade Bahrain…………


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“Bahrain has dismantled a “terrorist cell” linked to Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon, the interior minister said, slamming what he called “escalation” in the kingdom as the Shiite opposition intensifies its protests. Security services “have, with the help of a brotherly country, arrested the members of a terrorist cell made up of eight Bahraini elements,” state news agency BNA late Saturday quoted Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah al-Khalifa as saying. The eight “moved between Iran, Iraq and Lebanon and received training in using arms and explosives as well as financial aid,” he said. “Details about the case will be announced as soon as the investigation is completed.”……………”

A new terror plot aimed at blowing up the huge King Fahad Bridge with a sack of dynamite. Plots to blow up communications towers (according to Shaikhs Rashid Al Khalifa and Fawaz Al Khalifa, the latter the Gauleiter of media and communications. Possibly a whole passel of other Al Khalifa. No news of yet of any involvement by the Texan Arbabsiar or the Mexican Drug cartels.
But stay tuned.
Like a clockwork, always on time. The Al Khalifa almost regularly uncover the same plot over and over again, every few months. You’d think they are facing the Viet Cong or the Free Syrian Army of the Jabhat Al-Tibin. It is always a plot by Iran and Lebanon and Iraq and occasionally Syria (this time they left out Syria) with the aim of overthrowing the apartheid regime in Bahrain as a first step toward taking over the Persian-American Gulf then eventually taking over the West, as a prelude to conquering the world, (including Texas). The miserable Al Khalifa shaikhs are all that stands in the way of these plots and success. Occasionally these plots are joined by hapless American and European and even GCC parties, at least according to Field Marshal Al Khalifa bin Montgomery of El-Alamein von Rommel Abu Stalin.

These plotters are always countries with majority or plurality Shi’as that are charged. Yet they forgot to add Azerbaijan. They must have thought the Azeris are either Wahhabis or Russian Orthodox (some of them are but not the Haider Aliyevs).
The Iranians would like to influence events in Bahrain, perhaps meddle, no doubt. Everybody else is meddling, even the Pakistains and humorless Jordanians (through their mercenaries and hired murderers). But the ruling family and the Saudi occupation forces are providing the mullahs with their best opportunity in many years.