Genocidal Salafi Militants of Pakistan: Spawned by Wahhabi Petro-Money and Madrassas……………..


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“The attack on the Hazara Shia community hall in Quetta has finally shocked the Pakistani state into taking action against the slaughter of that community in Balochistan. Haji Abdul Qayyum Changezi, a senior community leader, described it best on Sunday. “Our people are being massacred — 1,100 have been murdered in the last five years,” he said while speaking in a televised meeting with Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. “That’s out of a total population of 500,000 — a rate unprecedented anywhere in Pakistan.” While women and children have been killed, the high risk age group remains young males. Increasingly, the Hazara youth prefer to choose the life of the illegal immigrant. Certain death awaits them at home. All Hazaras fear that they could be the next target of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. For Pakistan’s deadliest militant group’s Baloch incarnation — they are the ideal target on both ethnic and religious basis…………The LeJ’s story is well-known — created in form of the Sipah-e-Sahaba in the mid eighties by militants and extremist demagogues by harnessing rising anti-Shia feeling in the Punjab. While the province has remained home base, the LeJ has slowly but surely spread its tentacles across the country. Its sectarian poison also found a fertile ground in the soil that was prepared post 9/11.…………”

Pakistan’s sectarian war of genocide preceded September 11 and its aftermath. Its seeds were planted in the 1970s, when Wahhabi petro-money started flowing into impoverished Pakistan, mainly from Saudi Arabia. With the money came clerics, shaikhs committed to spreading the intolerant Wahhabi doctrine of hating and excommunicating “others”. The new madrassas did their assigned job over the past decades.
By the 1980s the Wahhabi inroad has deepened. Pakistan started seeing sectarian hatred in the open, and soon after sectarian killings spread, aimed at Shi’as. There are other minority faiths and sects in Pakistan that were also demonized by the Wahhbai ‘teachers’ and their disciples, but most of them are Shi’as (about one quarter of the population of Pakistan are Shi’as). And it is not confined to Baluchistan and not just against the Hazaras: it is widespread and suicide terror bombs often hit Shi’a mosques or funerals in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. There are occasional retaliations, but the terror and murder traffic is mostly one way.
It is a shame that such a beautiful Arabic word, Madrassa, has taken a sinister meaning outside the Arabic and Islamic world. It simply means a school, a place where lessons are taught and learned. It was not intended to mean a place where imported hatred is planted in young minds to spawn future terrorist monsters.


Bipolar Gulf and Syrian Confusion: Ahmadinejad Wants Tighter Ties with Damascus………………


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“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Tuesday for enhancing relation with Syria in different fields. Urging comprehensive ties with the Arab state, the Iranian president said that “The relations between two countries in different areas is for the advantage of both nations and the regional people.” Iran and Syria should use their economic potentials for the benefit of their people, he said in a meeting with visiting Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi here Tuesday. Al-Halqi arrived in Iran’s capital Tehran on Tuesday to exchange views with Iranian officials on matters of mutual interest as well as regional and international issues. Referring to the hard times of the Syrian people, the Iranian president expressed hope that the “plots” against Syria will come to an end “soon” and peace and security will be restored in the country. With no doubt, the Syrian people will come out of the current hard situation, he said, adding that the best solution to the Syrian crisis is to stop conflicts and to hold free elections…………..”

Mr. Ahmadinejad wants to get “closer” to Syria, even closer than he has been for years. If he wants to get closer to Syria, he better do it fast, for there are many countries working hard to push him far away from Syria. There are also now many in Syria working to push him away. Unless he wants to get even closer to whatever regime comes to power in Damascus if and when Bashar Al-Assad leaves office. The man was supposedly on the verge of losing power more than a year ago. He is still allegedly on “the verge of losing power”, and he may still be around next year sticking his tongue out at someone.

Well, according to some Gulf media, mainly UAE and Saudi media, the Iranians are cooperating with both the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in the region. Since both the Muslim brotherhood an Al-Qaeda dominate the Syrian opposition, then Ahmadinejad is already on the right track. Even if he is supporting Bashar against these Islamist groups. Come to think of it, many on the Gulf (Qatar, Saudi, Salafis) also support these two Islamist opposition groups in Syria, which means they are also helping the Iranians. No? This can be confusing. Maybe they are all Bipolar (speaking psychologically, not politically).

There They Go Again! US Nuclear Experts and Netanyahu have new Slam Dunk Date Estimates for Iran………..


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“Iran to reach ‘key point’ for atom bomb by mid-2014. Islamic Republic could produce enough weapons-grade uranium for one or more nuclear bomb by mid-2014, US experts say, urging Obama to emphasize military option. Iran could produce enough weapon-grade uranium for one or more nuclear bombs by mid-2014, and the United States and its allies should intensify sanctions on Tehran before that point is reached, a report by a group of US nonproliferation experts said. The 154-page report, “US Nonproliferation Strategy for the Changing Middle East,” produced by five nonproliferation experts, was expected to be released on Monday. “Based on the current trajectory of Iran’s nuclear program, we estimate that Iran could reach critical capability in mid-2014,” the report said…………….”

Here we go again. I worry that they will be wrong again and break our hearts, these experts. They have done it so often, that I feel like a fool if I believe them (I could also feel like a fool if the Iranians do develop a nuclear bomb next year). Every year, sometimes every few months or weeks for the past 15 or twenty years, some respected kook in the West or in Israel has warned that the Iranians are months away from having a nuclear weapon. They go on Slam-Dunking us about the mullahs’ nuclear plans.
It doesn’t say so in this latest “slam dunk’ report. But my funny special source on nuclear matters claims that this most recent report was co-written by the David Albright in cooperation with John Bolton and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Minister Field Marshal Al Khalifa Bin Technocrat of the Bahrain Defense Forces (
not sure how he fits in, but that is what she claims or maybe it seemed like fun to include him). She tells me Albright and his co-writers swear that this time they are getting it right, unlike 1995, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (this last one looks suspicious). Those were the times when they all swore that Iran was months away form a nuclear bomb, cross their hearts and hope to die. Iran never developed the bomb on schedule and these experts did not die.
I hereby issue a Fatwa, I Fatwa, that come December 31 of 2014, the Iranians will still not have their bomb(s) ready. I also issue a supplementary Fatwa that: come December 2015, Western media groupies. In fact, I can go a step or two more, and I Fatwa that: come December 2016, with Bubba and Hillary Clinton ready to re-enter the White House, the Iranians will still………. ad nauseam.


Lords of Turkey, Shaikhs of Scotland, Downton Abbey of Anatolia……………


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“5,000 people in Turkey, including a number of famous figures, have obtained a “lady” or “lord” title from the Kincavel region of Scotland since March 2012, according to private broadcaster CNN Türk. A company in Scotland is selling lady and lord titles for 25 U.K. pounds, and the service was brought to Turkey last year. “While I was looking for an extraordinary gift for my girlfriend I found out that a company in the U.K. gave ‘lord’ and ‘lady’ certificates for those who bought one meter-squared of soil in the Kincavel region of Scotland. Afterwards, I contacted the company and took control of Turkish distribution in March 2012,” said Turkish entrepreneur Faruk Kurtoğlu. “Since that time, 5,000 Turks have obtained a legal ‘lord’ or ‘lady’ of Kincavel certificate,”………………”

I knew of a couple of young people in the Gulf who had purchased titles from England some years ago. That was some years ago. Apparently there is/was a way to purchase titles from some English earls who would rather have the money.
But Turks buying questionable titles? I had thought the Turks had more sense than parting with Lira’s for that. That was a shocker when I first read it in Hurriyet. Imagine, a manor in Anatolia with Turkish lords/officers and the dames agonizing over war and peace and love and money, Downton Abbey in Turkish: Lord Ahmet Davutoğlu, Earl Erdogan, Baroness Turkish Delight (at home on the Gulf we’d call her Chabdat El-Faras which is our term for Turkish Delight, the sweet edible variety, back home).
In that case maybe some of our regional shaikhs and princes (and even mullahs) can start selling their titles, provided there is the demand.


2. UAE and Saudis Tie Dissidents to Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda and Al Capone and……….


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“The United Arab Emirates has reported a plot to destabilize the Gulf Cooperation Council state. Officials said the UAE captured a cell linked to Al Qaida in December. They said the cell consisted of nationals from Saudi Arabia
assigned to conduct a destabilization campaign in the region…………In a statement on Dec. 26, Wam said the plot called for attacks in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Wam said the alleged members of what was termed a “deviant group” acquired material for the attacks. This marked the first time that Abu Dhabi reported an Al Qaida plot. Officials said the plot appeared to represent a regional effort by Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. Officials said Abu Dhabi and Riyad cooperated in the counter-insurgency investigation………….”

Tying their regional enemies to Al-Qaeda is an old trick by potentates along the Gulf. The Saudis started it by trying to tie the Iranian mullahs (all good Shia’ heretics to the Al Saud) to Al-Qaeda (all good Wahhabi cutthroats: domestically to discredit Al-Qaeda in the eyes of the Wahhabi faithful for cooperating with the Shi’a mullahs, and internationally to further discredit the Iranians in the West. The Saudis probably got the idea from Dick Cheney who tied Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda in 2002. But unlike the Cheney fabrication, the Saudi one did not work.
Now the UAE potentates are using that old trick, trying to hook up their Muslim Brotherhood enemies with the Salafi terrorists. In other words, tying the current Egyptian regime to Al-Qaeda. Actually tying their own dissidents to Al-Qaeda, thus discrediting them in American eyes. Just as they, and other Gulf GCC potentates and their media, are also tying the Iranians to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (see my previous post).
Actually everywhere Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are on opposite sides, especially in Yemen. Ironically, the one place were Al-Qaeda terrorists and the Muslim Brotherhood see eye to eye and cooperate is in Syria. But that Syrian cooperation is encouraged by the GCC potentates and by the GCC Salafists and by the GCC Muslim Brotherhood groups. Once Bashar Al-Assad is out of the way, WTF he will be, then the two sides may decide to settle scores and fight over what is left of Syria, at the cost of thousands more Syrians dead and wounded and many more made into refugees.

Remember Afghanistan in the 1980s and 1990s?
The Mujahideen and Taliban destroyed more of Afghanistan in the 1990s than the Soviet War had done in the 1980s. Hard to believe that any force can destroy an Arab country more than Baathist rule, but it can happen.

1. UAE Ties Dissidents to Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. Not WYSIWYG …………


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“The rapprochement is of course not without risks. Salafists, now major players in Egyptian politics, are vehemently opposed to any Iranian influence or spread of Shia Islam, which many consider “enemy No 1”. The Gulf states and their regional and international allies also oppose such rapprochement and consider it a direct threat to their security. Yet ties, even intelligence ties, are strengthening. Major Genera Qassem Suleimani, a spy chief and commander of Iran’s Quds Force, reportedly visited Cairo last month for talks with senior officials close to President Mohammed Morsi. Almost at the same time, Egypt’s ambassador to Lebanon, Ashraf Hamdy, told Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star that Egypt would pursue a relationship with Hizbollah as a “real political and military force”. The onus is on regional countries to initiate measures to prevent the most populous Arab country from drifting towards the Iranian orbit, as happened with Iraq. Any alliance between the Iranian regime and the Brotherhood is likely to be more enduring and sustainable than Iran’s alliance with Baathist Syria……………….” The National (UAE)

All dissidents in the United Arab Emirates, fully owned and operated by the Al-Nahayan brothers of Abu Dhabi, are now affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. They are not considered affiliates of Hezbollah UAE which itself is affiliated with Hezbollah Gulf. Not anymore. The rulers, actually the owners, of the UAE have decreed (issued a royal farman) that attention is now shifting away from Lebanese Shi’a residents (if there are any left over there) and toward Egyptians who are now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. You might ask me about others: what about Al Qaeda and the Iranians? The latter are now tied to the MB through this unconfirmed tale of Brig. Qassem Suleimani doing the pilgrimage to a hotel in Cairo. Both are now an existential threat to both Netanyahu and the Al Nahayan (and the Al Khalifa too)? Confused by this fast GCC spin of events? We call it the new Gulf whiplash. Things are not what they seem. It is the opposite of WYSIWYG (look it up if you must). Ah, stay tuned, my confusable and confused friend. This is only part one (see the title up there?).

King of Bahrain Congratulated for Paying Gulf Newspaper to Award Him Meaningless Prize……………


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“`cause you got personality
Walk, personality
Talk, Personality
Smile, Personality
Charm, personality
Love, personality
And of Cause you’ve got
A great big heart………….”

(You’ve Got) Personality
(Lloyd Price)

“His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa has today been congratulated on being crowned as the Human Personality of the Year by a sweeping majority in a poll organized by Kuwaiti Al-Sharq newspapers. Ten thousand personalities from the GCC countries and the Arab World took part in the massive poll. The Shura Council today issued a statement, hailed the Arab honour as a recognition of HM King Hamad statesmanship and crucial role in promoting reforms and leading the march of modernization and democratization…………….”

(The Shoura Council is the group that is fully appointed by the ruling family (Al Khalifa or Al Saud or Al Capone) but pretends it represents the people).

I had thought it was a fully-paid Humanitarian prize, what I (rather irreverently but all in good humor) called in a previous post here Gulf Nobel Prize: Humanitarian Teargas Personality of the Year. Bahrain News Agency says here he won as Human Personality of the Year. Which is puzzling: I have never heard of a Simian Personality of the Year, not since the late Cheeta retired and broke Tarzan’s heart. Maybe it just means the king has a great personality (unlike his uncle), hence the great Lloyd Price song up there.
I had daydreams of nominating myself to the newspaper as Human (or was it Humanitarian) Personality of the Year. I had dreamed of finding some money, perhaps donations, to pay one of these “newspapers” to conduct a “poll” and declare me the winner of the most human or humanitarian or maybe the most popular or at least the smartest person of the year (well, the second smartest, there is always someone). But I was too late; this putz beat me to it.
The Saudi princes, having access to more money, do it in more style. They pay writers to write whole books about their king. They also pay writers to write ‘pieces’ extolling the virtues of the king and various princes, essentially reminding the faithful what great guys they are. Essentially telling the people what a privilege they have to be ruled and robbed by this family and their retainers. Even in Forbes Magazine.


Iranian Guns and Western Flowers for Africa ………………


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“When the investigators’ breakthrough came, it carried a surprise. The manufacturer was not one of Africa’s usual suspects. It was Iran. Iran has a well-developed military manufacturing sector, but has not exported its weapons in quantities rivaling those of the heavyweights in the global arms trade, including the United States, Russia, China and several European countries. But its export choices in this case were significant. While small-arms ammunition attracts less attention than strategic weapons or arms that have drawn international condemnation, like land mines and cluster bombs, it is a basic ingredient of organized violence, and is involved each year and at each war in uncountable deaths and crimes………… Iran’s role in providing arms to allies and to those who fight its enemies has long been broadly understood. Some of these practices were most recently reported in the transfer of Fajr-5 ground-to-ground rockets to Gaza. Its expanding footprint of small-arms ammunition exports has pushed questions about its roles in a shadowy ammunition trade high onto the list of research priorities for trafficking investigators. “If you had asked me not too long ago what Iran’s role in small-arms ammunition trafficking to Africa had been, I would have said, ‘Not much,’ ”………………”

This is news only because for the past two centuries the West, mainly Europe, has considered Africa as its own turf. The private market and testing ground for its weapons. I have no doubt of the results if you survey all the weapon exports into Africa, and which weapons have killed the most people. Western weapons probably have killed more Africans in the past quarter century than any other source of weapons in the past thousand years. European weapons have probably killed more Africans during the past two or three centuries than any other weapons from any other source have done for the past five thousand years. (No mention of slavery is needed, that was long ago). Western and more recently Russian and Chinese, and perhaps a few others.
Suddenly the NY Times and one of its writers throws in Darfour and Iran in one sentence. I doubt that they flew Iranian warplanes over Darfour. Almost all the killing weapons originated from outside the Middle East. I also doubt that much of the bullets or machetes used to massacre civilians were made anywhere in the Middle East. The killing fields from Rwanda to Liberia to Sierra Leone to the Congo and the rest of the African tragedies were nourished by weapons from the West (mainly) and then Russia and China and maybe a couple of other sources.
No doubt the Iranians supply some weapons to their allies in Africa, some of them unsavory repressive allies. No doubt these pale compared to the other sources I mentioned. No doubt many of the allies of Western powers in Africa are no sweethearts either. No doubt hypocrisy is not monopolized by one side.


Islamist Syrian Rebels Seize Strategic Air Base: German Falangista Pilots and Grunge Bands……………


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“Rebels seized a strategic air base in northern Syria today after months of fighting, activists and insurgents said, further weakening President Bashar al-Assad’s grip on the region. Rebels had fought for the base used by military helicopters in Idlib province for months, but it only fell after Islamist units reinforced them earlier this month. The Syrian military struck back hours after fighters captured the base, launching air strikes on the area, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said………….”

Regime forces most likely had abandoned that base long before it was seized. Still, it shows that regime control is shrinking, at least in terms of territory if not in terms of ability to inflict death and destruction and misery. Now all the rebels need are a few warplanes or helicopters of their own and some pilots. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), German Luftwaffe pilots used to ‘volunteer’ for service on the Fascist Falangista side and they brought their bombers and fighters along (the Nazi warplanes also volunteered along with their fliers). Maybe some Qatari or
Saudi pilots will volunteer for duty in Syria and bring along their F-15s.

Maybe that defected Tlass kid, Manaf, will get a haircut and start a nucleus rebel air force. Right now his hairstyle reminds me of some of the Grunge bands in Seattle rather than a putative military leader of a bunch of grizzly fundamentalist freedom fighters, kidnappers, and assorted cutthroats. 



Iranian Cinematic Dichotomy: from Ancient History to Depicting Life under a Theocracy……..


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“Iran is planning its own version of the Ben Affleck movie “Argo,” The New York Times reports, upset about what it calls the Hollywood flick’s “Islamophobia.” The movie, to be called “The General Staff,” is expected to give an accounting of the 1979 Islamic revolution and the U.S. hostage crisis from the perspective of the Iranian regime. It will reportedly be directed by Ataollah Salmanian and financed by the Iranian government’s Art Bureau. “This film, which will be a huge production, should be an appropriate answer to the film ‘Argo,’ which lacks a proper view of historical events,” Salmanian reportedly told the Iranian news agency Mehr this week. Iran’s revolutionary students sparked a political crisis in the United States when they took 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days and contributed to former President Carter’s resounding loss…………….”

The Iranian cinema industry, the part that the outside world is aware of and watches, seems to be moving along two main tracks.
On the one hand are the superb acclaimed films produced by independent free-spirited film makers, some of which have won international acclaim and awards. The last one was “A Separation” that got an Oscar last year. These films have survived and thrived under the theocracy, perhaps because film-makers have to be creative to deliver their critical message under state scrutiny and censorship. But some of these artists are also in prison for supporting opposition protests and others are in exile and the censors are reportedly becoming more intrusive. Artists everywhere are by nature wary and skeptical of politicians, and for good reason.
On the other hand there are epic historical films that are sponsored by the government. Cecil B. DeMille type films. Usually many of these officially-sponsored films evolve around ancient historical figures and events, including prophets (cinematic impersonation of prophets seems to be acceptable in Iran although it is not allowed in most other Muslim countries). Iranian films are also sometimes produced as a reaction to, and to counter, some Western films involving Iran. (My own favorite Middle East films were those old ones produced in Egypt, up until the 1960s. After that it has been mostly a steep downhill slide in quality for Egyptian cinema).
I have posted a few relevant links here, for your reading and (mainly) for my own archival

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