WTF is UNIAAC? An Arab “MANIAC”: League of Despots and Thieves……………


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“The Union of Arab Ambassadors for Children (UNIAAC) hailed the decision to revoke the Bahraini citizenship of 31 people involved in the destabilization of the country, misleading children into terror acts and engaging them in political rallies.
The union’s General Coordinator Faraj Al Qasimi slammed at the union Board of Directors meeting in Cairo the phenomenon of exploiting children, engaging them in unauthorized marches and sit-ins and attacking the expatriate workforce. This, he said, is “an obstacle to growth”. He also stressed the union’s support to the decision to strip those offenders of their Bahraini citizenship……………”

This is the first time I read that there is such an entity as UNIAAC. And it is supposed to be “for children”, but I bet they will never speak against childbrides in countries blighted by the princes! The Arab ambassadors, yes-men of unsavory dictators and tribal absolute polygamous princes, are unionized! How about that? Even if their regimes do not allow the people, the workers, to be unionized!
And these unworthy worthies
do things like “hailing” all measures taken by their detestable employers. The leaders who have their own union: the Union of Arab Dictators and Absolute Tribal Princes. Also known as the League of Arab States. The League of Arab Despots and Thieves.
This is truly the WTF of the day, so far.