Salehi Does Some Wishful Thinking on Syria………….


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“Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that Syria will soon be at peace as the army is gradually suppressing the armed insurgent groups. “Enemies imagined that they could create a vacuum in the management of the country by triggering explosions in Damascus but the enemies of the Syrian nation have been defeated… and the army is gradually gaining supremacy over the armed opposition,” Salehi told reporters after a cabinet meeting. The foreign minister said the opposition can be divided into two groups. The first seeks reforms and its demands should be met by the Syrian government. The second, with the support of the West and certain regional countries, has resorted to violence and seeks the dissolution of the government through civil war……….”

For some reason I don’t believe that Ali Akbar Salehi is right. Something tells me he is wrong about how things will get peaceful in Syria so soon. My imaginary and real sources tell me it is going to get hotter in Syria before it cools down.