Israel’s ‘Man in Drag’ Orders the West to Attack Iran……


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“Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak called on Wednesday for major powers to speed up efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear program, cautioning it would be tougher to confront it once Tehran managed to cross an atomic threshold. Israeli media interpreted Barak’s comments as pushing for a possible Israeli strike against Iran to stop a project the West sees as a drive to achieve nuclear weapons though Tehran denies seeking nuclear weapons, saying its program is intended solely for peaceful purposes……….”

A couple of years ago I read somewhere that a younger and lighter Ehud Barak was once disguised as a woman during a surprise attack on some PLO leaders in Beirut (he was part of a covert attack team in the 1970s). Ever since then, I have always thought of him as ‘the man in drag’. Nothing wrong with dressing as anything, of course, in certain situations.
I think with this new/old statement he was just adding to the built-up air of war-normalcy that the Israelis and the American right-wing are creating in our region. The goal: to make the war of aggression, if and when it comes, like a normal expected and unavoidable thing. Ehud Barak can never outdo Netanyahu who has been screaming “wolf” at the top of his voice for several years now. May they both continue whistling (or making other rude noises) in the wind, or as we call it “fi souq el-sofafeer: making a rude noise in the (noisy) copper-mongers market”. As we say back home.