The Second Civil War of Libya: Allah Akbar en Français………


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Allah Akbar. Voilà, the truth has emerged and the untruth has perishedNobody else

The situation in Libya is deteriorating rapidly. Early on after the fall and death of Muammar Qaddafi last year, there were signs of division and turf-building among opposition armed groups across the country. Now this has worsened to almost continuous multiparty battles across the country: in cities and in rural areas. The conflicts are inter-tribal, inter-ethnic (Arab and Berber or Amazigh) as well as inter-religious and ideological, among others. Inserted into this mix are some groups that are apparently still loyal to the deposed Qaddafi regime. There have also been notable assassinations of senior figures of the new order (often they also served the old regime).
Another disturbing early post-Qaddafi development is that Libya seems to be following Qaddafi policies on several fronts. Maybe that is so because most its current elites were Qaddafi bureaucrats and thugs in the past. That is not just in terms of human rights violations and abuse of prisoners. Libya is reported to have been shipping weapons and fighters to Syria for some time now. According to media reports a good portion of imported Arab fighters in Syria are Libyans. Libya also has a strong strain of Salafi Jihadists who are making life hard for others. A portion of al-Qaeda personnel are now also Libyans (al-Libi or El-Libi who was or was not killed two weeks ago by a U.S. drone is obviously one of them). No doubt there is some intersection between these two facts in Syria.

French pop-philosopher BernardHenri Lévy, when asked his advise as a former liberator of Libya, merely shrugged in a Gallic way and said: “Let’s invade and liberate Syria, before worrying about Iran”. Salafis and Muslim Brothers around the region, especially on the Gulf, cheered him heartily with loud chants of: “Allahu Akbar. Voilà, the truth has emerged and the untruth has perished”.