Iranian Science: Synthesized Polyoxometalate and Zirconium Oxide Nanocomposites…………


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“Polyoxometalate and zirconium oxide nanocomposites were synthesized by Iranian researchers in order to increase the catalytic and photocatalytic activities of the nanocomposite used to remove organic pollutants. Being used as photocatalysts, polyoxometalates have less efficiency due to their low specific area and the difficulties in the separation of such catalysts from the reaction media. By carrying out studies on various parameters in order to overcome the disadvantages of polyoxometalates (POM), the researchers succeeded in the synthesis of polyoxometalate / zirconium oxide nanocomposite. Among the other advantages of such nanocomposites, mention can be made of their insolubility that allows them to be easily separated from the reaction media. The use of nanocomposites is cost-effective because they are able to be recycled. The nanocomposites were synthesized in order to remove organic pollutants from the environment and to improve their catalytic activity. ………………”

One of the most interesting new items I have read today on Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency. My initial reaction was a resounding : WTF?
Or maybe it is just me: unlike physics, I never got along well with chemistry for some reason (someone once told me that maybe chemistry was too down to earth for my taste, which sounded odd). There was never much chemistry between me and chemistry. Maybe I am just a bit verwirrt.