WTF UAE: Shaikhs Bin Technocrat and Manchester City Club, from King to Wali……..


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“She said: Kings, when they enter a land, they ruin it, and make its noble people its meanest, thus do they behave…….”  Holy Quran (Saurat al-Naml: The Ants)
“Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed (Bin Technocrat) al-Nahayan, Head of State, congratulated Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed (Bin Technocrat) al-Nahayan on the occasion of the victory of Manchester City Club in the English Premier League. His highness also congratulated all managers of the team and the technical staff as well as the players as the players………….

Wow! Verstehen?

I can’t think of anything else the people of the UAE, the 15% of them who are native citizens and the 85% them who are foreign laborers and housemaids, needed to boost their morale better than this. They didn’t even need all their bought JDAM Bunker Busters or high-tech fighter
jets or their Blackwater-led foreign mercenary brigade from Colombia and Australia and other faraway places to achieve it.


I imagine the GCC summit  in Riyadh tomorrow will take time to congratulate Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Technocrat al-Nahayan, on this victory. That will come after they congratulate the current king (former shaikh and future satrap or wali) of Bahrain on giving his countgry to the al-Saud princes without the consent of most of his people.