Le Pen and the Emir of Qatar……………


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PARIS – Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Friday lashed out at Qatar for investing in “Muslim” areas of French cities and for taking over Paris Saint-Germain football club. “The massive investments which it has made in suburbs are made because of the very high proportion of Muslims who are in the French suburbs,” she told reporters. “I think this situation could be very dangerous,” she said. “We are letting a foreign country choose its investments with regard to the religion of this or that part of the French population or of French territory.” The tiny but very wealthy Gulf state of Qatar late last year set up a 50-million-euro ($67-million) fund for entrepreneurs from France’s often-deprived suburbs to set up businesses………….

This extreme right wing lady pretends in public that she is pissed simply because the Qataris are investing in parts of France where French corporations (and government) refuse to invest. She would rather have the French Muslims live permanently under what conditions the right wing deems right for them. It is just election year garbage.

Then she added that in general Qatar was “playing a double game by presenting itself as an “enlightened” country while at the same time supporting Islamist groups in the Middle East and North Africa.” On that last paragraph, I have no comment today: it requires some pondering. Some Gulf potentates do dabble in fundamentalist politics, some of them more than others.