A Call on the People’s Democratic Kingdom of (Saudi) Arabia to Guide Egypt………….

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What Egypt is witnessing today is a revolution against the coup and a new beginning for the revolution of change. There are new rules for the game from now on and it is important for all players inside and outside of Egypt to return to the strategy-drafting table. The United States and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) should be playing essential political roles right now. The necessary investment that must be made in Egypt cannot wait until after stability is restored, but rather the opposite. There is an opportunity for influential countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help Egypt’s youth shape the future of their country under a secular civilian government away from ideologies, religious and sectarian struggles. Egypt is not alone in the balance. The Arab future all together is largely dependent on what Egypt’s future turns to be. The GCC is now playing a prominent role in shaping the new regional order in collaboration with the League of Arab States not by sidestepping it. The Arab League is fundamental in securing that the regional order does not get shaped exclusively by the likes of Turkey …………..”

These writers and analysts of the Saudi semi-official media can’t help pushing the Saudi model. This Lebanese writer is from the Saudi semi-official daily al-Hayat, owned by Prince Khaled Bin Sultan al-Saud (deputy defense minister). She is here pushing for the Egyptians to look toward the People’s Democratic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for help and perhaps as a role model. Maybe by now the people of Egypt have forgotten the time when the Saudi king called them “foreign infiltrators and agents. That was only last January.
(She forgot here to insert something appropriate about the role of Hezbollah, the favorite bête noire of the Saudi media).