On My Gulf: a Small State of Thuggery and Fake Terrorism……..

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Bahrain has sentenced eight leading political activists to life in prison on charges of conspiring to overthrow the Government in a move likely to intensify unrest and discredit a proposal by the king for a national dialogue. One of the 21 defendants – dressed in grey prison uniforms as they faced a military court – shouted: “We will continue our peaceful struggle,” while others shook their fists and cried: “Peaceful, peaceful.” They were forced out of the courtroom by police. Crowds blocked roads with heaps of sand and urged marches as news spread of the convictions of the group, which includes some of the island kingdom’s most popular leaders…….

Media and human rights activists report that Matar Matar, a resigned Bahraini opposition parliamentarian, was beaten up severely today inside the courtroom while there to talk to his lawyer and family. A cyber-activist was also sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison for “cyber-activity”. Opposition and human rights leaders were sentenced yesterday to life in prison for calling for a constitutional monarchy, others were sentenced to death. Everybody who objects is arrested, most are tortured. Doctors, nurses, and teachers are arrested, beaten up, threatened with rape or raped, many are fired from their jobs. The regime is using al-Saud petroleum money to hire more mercenary thugs and goons from as far away as Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, and Syria. It is like a small state of thuggery being run by the al-Khalifa clan and their al-Saud masters and protectors. Sometimes I wonder who is calling the shots in Manama: is it the fucking king his fucking hardline relatives, or his fucking Saudi masters.
Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) leader Nabeel Rajab says that expressing one’s opinion is now considered an act of terrorism on the island.