Lebanon’s Hariri Chooses Paris over Riyadh………….

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One week after Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced his new Hizbullah-dominated cabinet, Lebanon’s opposition is already feeling menaced by the country’s new leadership and its Syrian ally. Saad Hariri, the previous prime minister and leader of the pro-West March 14 Alliance, fled the country nearly two months ago following an attempted car bomb assassination on him, the French daily Libération reported on Monday. Hariri has been hiding in Paris after being informed by American and Saudi intelligence agencies that his life was in real danger in Lebanon, the daily claimed…….

So the prime minister of Lebanon, at the time, escaped to live in Paris for a couple of months, leaving the country to its own devices. Never heard of ahead of government fleeing the country he runs for fear of assassination (his father was out of office when he was assassinated). If he feared for his life, why not resign in protest? Why not move to Riyadh where he has homes as well, and is always welcome and is certainly better protected? I have some doubt about this Jerusalem Post report. No doubt even if the Syrian side entertained any idea of assassinating this Hariri, they would be afraid of international retribution. That would have been the last straw, and it would give the West a casus belli to restructure Lebanese politics by force, as they are doing in Libya and probably wish to do in Syria.