UAE: a Tribal State of the Union………

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This year is an ideal time for the UAE, the only successful union in the Arab world, to also institutionalize an annual State of the Federation address. In fact, the Emirates isn’t far behind in this regard. Both the UAE’s president as well as the prime minister issue comprehensive public statements annually on the UAE’s National Day. For instance, the UAE’s first parliamentary elections were announced by the President in a statement marking the federation’s anniversary in 2005 . The text is published in Dira Alwatan or Nation’s Shield magazine and is also made available on the prime minister’s internet portal. There is something to be said for a public address though. It is a major media event, a collective celebration of achievements over the past year and the spelling of hopes and challenges for the upcoming one. Next December is an opportune occasion to institutionalize a state of the union address custom……..

Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear the proposed speech by Shaikh Whatishisface of Abu Dhabi address the other six tribal leaders. I bet he won’t stumble more than twice in every sentence. Also, shouldn’t they start freeing their political prisoners, those who called for freedom and were imprisoned? Shouldn’t they have real not fake elections before having a state of the tribes speech?
Besides, wtf in the world would want to hear it? Unless he talks about the effeorts to advance the country from the second biggest importer of weapons in the whole world to the first importer of weapons in the whole world. And given that his nation is composed mostly of foreign temporary workers and housemaids (some 85%), should he not have simultaneous translation of the speech into several languages?