Seriously, no Phallic Pun: Iranian Zob Eliminates Saudi al-Nassr……

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Iran’s Zob Ahan eliminated Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia and advanced to the Asian Champions League quarterfinals on Wednesday. The Isfahan based team beat Al-Nassr 4-1 at the Fooladshahr Stadium. Mohammed Ghazi put the lead Zob Ahan in the first minute of the match.
A brace from Brazilian Igor Castro in the 5th and 63rd minutes poured cold water on Al-Nassr’s hopes. Bader Al-Mutawa from Saudi Arabian team pulled a goal back in the 67th minute but Zob Ahan wrapped up the victory with Shahin Kheiri’s long-range shot in the 74th minute. Hussein Abdulghani from Al-Nassr was sent off in the 89th minute after receiving his second yellow card…………..Mehr News

Noooo comment. Except to say that “Zob” means penis in Arabic. Now I know why Saudi media only said the al-Nassr lost but declined to mention the victor, Zob.
Okay I won’t resist this: apparently the Iranian Zob was a well-oiled sports machine and managed to penetrate the Saudi goal area deeply. The Saudi team was shafted, you might say, if you were crude.