A Blackwater Gulf, a Saudi Salafi Fifth Column………

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What is ominous is that the Saudis, armed to the teeth with the best US military technology, are claiming themselves as guardians of the Arab status quo. They have made it clear that they will not accept popular rule anywhere in the GCC states of the Persian-American-Blackwater Gulf. (I have decided to add Blackwater to my favorite name for my Gulf, as a representation of all the mercenaries some of our regimes are so fond of these days).
The main goal of the al-Saud regime, like that of the Iranian regime or any other regime, is now to preserve their rule. They are saying, at least this guy is saying, that they will be willing to intervene in neighboring countries to prevent revolution and to make them more Saudi-like in terms of politics. The result is already clear in Bahrain, and unfortunately I have another Gulf candidate for Saudi military intervention in the future (Hint: it has a strong Salafi presence, which I consider a truly Saudi fifth column). The Saudis have already tried t0 instigate a coup in Qatar in the late 1990s, but it failed. The experience in Bahrain has shown that when Saudi occupation forces roll in a country, the Salafis are the first to cheer.



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